UPROXX / Charles Bramesco / March 11, 2016
"What Salomone hopes to accomplish with this odd project […] is unclear."

THE VERGE / Jamieson Cox / March 10, 2016
"If there's an inciting incident or a complicated backstory, I don't want to hear about it. I want to pretend this idea bubbled up out of the earth, immaculate and ready for deployment."

MARK HARRIS / Author, Pictures at a Revolution / March 20, 2016
"This unnerving site makes a smart, sad statement about movies now."

INDIEWIRE / Bryn Gelbart / March 10, 2016
"Some, like "The Dark Knight Rises," work a bit too perfectly. Others, specifically "The Blair Witch Project," are just down right hilarious."

SLATE / Matthew Dessem / March 12, 2016
"120 years after their first public exhibition, Peter Salomone has perfected motion pictures. As is so often the case, the secret turned out to be Dire Straits."

GIZMODO / Matt Novak / March 11, 2016
"This is honestly the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long, long time."

THE A.V. CLUB / Annie Zaleski / March 14, 2016
"There’s no good reason why the song works so incredibly well across so many different movies and eras, and sometimes it’s just best not to question greatness."

FUNNY OR DIE / Best of the Web / March 11, 2016
"the series finale of Friends, which is a TV show, not a movie, Peter Salomone!! JK we really like this one, too!"

TIME.COM / Melissa Locker / March 10, 2016
"So far the hypothesis has proven correct."

VULTURE / Devon Ivie / March 12, 2016
"It's pretty true - that damn song fits well into comedies, tragedies, dramas, and even sci-fi movies. Behold its silly cinematic power."

MUSIK EXPRESS / Daniel Krüger / March 11, 2016
"'Walk of Life' is the perfect song for every film ending" (translated from German)

KOTTKE.ORG / Jason Kottke / March 13, 2016
"I have watched more than a dozen of these and they are all great."

THE INTERROBANG / Interrobang Staff / March 13, 2016
"Hey Internet 'Just when I think you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself.'"

THE DAILY DOT / Jay Hathaway / March 12, 2016
"My god. It just works so well."

NRC.NL / Joost Pijpker / March 10, 2016
"[W]hether it's a slow western or a detective, each movie will be better if he ends with the joyful keyboard tune of Dire Straits. So believe at least movie buff Peter Salomone." (translated from Dutch)